Digital Marketing Professions

In this post I want to talk about the professions of all online marketing field.
According to education-portal digital marketing profession is often responsible for developing the strategy used in marketing a company’s product online, utilizing such techniques in the field as social media, Web analytics, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization, among others. The names can be differentiate like digital sales executive, SEO marketer, online marketing manager, online marketing specialist and so on. Digital media planners/buyers can also be added to this list. Georgetown University also gives a list about possible job titles for a student that graduate from digital marketing programme. These are:

Marketing Strategist
Internet Marketing Manager
Web Marketing Specialist
Senior Online Marketing (SEM) Analyst/Director
Junior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategist
Online Marketing & Social Media Specialist
Interactive Marketing Manager
SEO Diagnostics Consultant
Director of E-commerce
Creative Developer
Data & Web Traffic Analyst
Web Properties Marketing Manager
Digital Media Buyer–ovum

As being a very fast growing field, the profession will vary to sub-branchs in the future.

According to Bureau of Labor in the USA demand for marketing professionals will be strong through 2020 as the profession becomes more technical, specialized, and strategic.

Social Media Tracking Tools

As my master thesis is about “social media” it’s not possible to write down about it in this blog. Actually my thesis was about the usage of social media at nonprofit organizations but with the corporote work-life you start to see that profit-organizations use it much more effectively. As the social media population is highly fast growing, companies are having difficulties on managing these platforms. So they need to use some tools to control what’s happening in their brand pages and to observe their competitors. In this post I will tell you about some of the important social media tracking tools.

Brandwatch: Brandwatch presents a wide range of reports. You can see the list below

Multilingual Coverage
Search Operators
Proprietary Technology
Historical Data
Location Data
Sentiment Analysis
Influence Statistics
Customizable Dashboards
Bulk Actions
Topic clouds
Fast and Intuitive Interface
Filters and Search Within
Email Alerts
Fully Exportable Data
One-click Response
Unlimited Users: The more the merrier
Continuous Innovation
Human Data Validation
Comprehensive Training Material
Personal Account Manager
Quality over quantity
Full Twitter Coverage
Twitter Insights
Shareable Dashboards
Integrations and partnerships
Demographic Insights

Oktopost: Oktopus is another tool that not serves so much details like Brandwatch. There is chance to try it out free for 30 days. Their capabilities are:

Tracking Twitter favorites, retweets, mentions, lists and keywords
Receiving and replying to comments on any of your posts
Monitoring LinkedIn Groups and Company pages
Liking Facebook and LinkedIn posts
Getting content recommendations based on engagement

Sales Force: Sales Force tells their social studio’s works scope are these:

Collaborate at Global Scale
Understand Your Social Community
Plan and Share Content in Advance
Stay Close to Your Customers
Take Your Social Strategy Mobile
Track ROI

Social Bakers: works for more than 2500 global clients. They have 4 different products which are, smarter listening, smarter analytics, smarter publishing and smarter advertising.

Heart of digital planning: Comscore

One of the first thing that I learnt from the company I work for now about digital planning, is using Comscore. There were some important training sessions that we have to take on our first days. Although other issues are also considerable while making digital plans, in my opinion using Comscore is more essential than the others. Comscore measures 1.6 trillion interactions each month from 172 different countries. That’s almost equal to 40% of the monthly page views of the entire internet

The key benefit of using Comscore tool while making digital plans is, the ability to see the duplicate percentage of the websites or networks that your customer wants to add their plan. As the customer does not want to waste their budget, your duty is eliminate the sites or networks that have higher duplicate numbers than others.

The other things you can measure via Comscore is below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.54.57 PM

As I mention at the beginning, you can see not a single website data and also networks data in your report. For example if you want to see the total visits of Hurriyet group, Comscore categorize the details in a list like:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.07.38 PM

In this chart P means: Property, M means: Media Title, C means: Chanel , S means: Sub Chanel

There are of course some conditions to get involved as a website or network of Comscore. These are:

• Traffic must be rightfully owned or signed over via Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) to be included in a property hierarchy

• Branding must exist on every page of traffic below Media Title level

• Categorization is based on the content of the site. Sub-category depicts a real niche market

• Entity names must be descriptive to what the traffic illustrates

• All entities are subject to minimum reporting standards

Location Based e-Marketing

To be honest it’s really annoying but, after smartphones spread out it could not be thought that to use them as a real time marketing tool. People tend to notify where they are now, via Foursquare (at the beginning) Swarm and Yelp. So there had been a new advertising area to use. To clear out what is location based marketing lets listen to Foursquare: “Location marketing offers consumers ad messages on their mobile phones based on their location at any given time.”

Foursquare scientists think that location marketing targets not only place, but also context. They say, “For example, we would come at it by targeting business travelers landing at an airport. That’s a perfect time for a car rental company to push them an ad about a rental. It’s not so much advertising as it is providing useful information”

There are 9 tips for marketers to pay attention when it decided to use location based marketing techniques:

1- Your listing is extremely important when it comes to local search.
2- Being responsive — both on social media and to reviews — is still very important.
3- Good incentives are a must.
4- You should ask your regular customers and customers that express appreciation for your business to do reviews.
5- Location-based marketing works in two directions. (push & pull)
6- Location-based marketing is a great way to add value to people
7- Responsive website design is critically important.
8- The key to location-based marketing is to focus on convenience for the user.
9- You need to ask, “Is it useful?

It also possible to use some new technological devices as a location based marketing tool such as ibeacons
Apple’s launch of iBeacon technology prompted marketers to pack brick-and-mortar stores with location-sensitive devices that send out push notifications to shoppers who have downloaded a brand’s mobile app.

There are also some competitors for i-Beacon such as, electric beacon, pseudolite, nearables. (source: wikipeida)


Mobile Retargeting

To be succesful in digital world, (especially if you sell your products online), you inevitably should use retargeting methods on your digital marketing plan. According to a research 17% of customers’ online sales are coming from the mobile channel. In fact the mechanism is almost the same with desktop retageting methods. But there are some important differences between desktop retargeting and mobile retargeting (especially tagging,
identification, inventory and creative)

At the beginning, mobile retargeting was not working healthy because of cookie problems. But now it’s working more effectively. There are some good reviews about this here.
One important thing to pay attention is, consumers tend to shop online on mobile devices on their leisure time. So marketers should prepare their plans to activate in these time. Otherwise conversion rates could decrease.

According to the same research that I mentioned before, mobile re-targeting drove an additional 18% of re-targeting-generated sales, a 46% higher click through rate and a 37% lower eCPC.


Most Effective Affiliate Service Companies

In this post I want to summarize the companies that serve affiliate&performance marketing solutions that are a member of IAB Europe. (Interactive Advertising Bureau)
IAB empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. So the list you can see below, can guide digital marketing professionals credibly in terms of affiliate marketing. One of the oldest performance marketing company that locates in Germany. It serves for advertisers, agencies and publishers. It has more than 2.500 advertisers and more than 500.000 publishers not only in Germany but globally. They call “The art of performance marketing” themselves.

Criteo: Criteo provides the world leading pay per click (PPC) personalized retargeting solution. It especially serves for e-commerce websites. And they also create personalized banners to get more ROI from specific campaigns. The advantages of Criteo are;
They only measure post click sales
The Criteo Engine analyzes 230Tb of data every day.
High-quality inventory from 7000+ publishers.
994m users reached each month – 2nd in the global ranking.
6000+ advertisers across 50+ countries.

Performics: It’s a performance marketing company. It serves, performance content, performance media, planing and insights, analytics and technology, performance social, performance local, and performance mobility. There are also sub-services in each service.

Quisma: It’s also a company located in Germany and it’s a part of Groupm media investment company ( We already use it in our media plans in MEC :) ) It serves for clients located in Europe. The services they provide are in a very wide range:

Search Engine Advertising
Search Engine Optimisation
Performance Display Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Conversion Optimisation
Market Intelligence

Innovative technologies and scientific methods in data management are two things that made them to stand out, they told for themself.

Sanoma Digital: It also serves content marketing strategies besides performance marketing located in Belgium.

Zanox: It serves affiliate marketing and mobile marketing. They serve for three sides ( advertisers, agencies and publishers)

Youtube Ad Models

Within the information about online video consuming habits, it’s necessary to use online video ads to reach your target audience.

As everybody knows Youtube is world’s top video website in terms of pageview number. So advertisers should use at least one ad model to reach potential customers on Youtube. You can see the list below but I especially want to differentiate instream video ads and trueview instream ads.

– Custom Masthead
– Universal Video Masthead
– Mobile Video Masthead:
– Layouts Masthead
– Standard Banner Ads
– InStream video ads: Can run YouTube watch pages and channel pages. Minimum video length should be 12 seconds and maximum should be up to 60 seconds. You can choose whatever type you want ( skippable or non-skippable) For non-skippable video ads, it should max. 30 seconds long. The ad can appear when a user initiates video play either in the beginning (pre-roll), at points in between (mid-roll), or after (post-roll).
– InVideo Ads
– Custom Gadgets
– TrueView InStream ads: Can run onYouTube watch pages or within Google Display Network videos, games and apps. (not on channel pages) TrueView ads allow the user to go directly to your content after 5 seconds. Maximum video length is Less than 3 minutes (recommended)
– Live Streaming in ads

There are also the some common features for both instram and trueview videos ads. For example VPAID is not allowed on both models. The other requirements that are listed below are valid for both models:

Video must be uploaded to YouTube (send video URL)
Video must allow embedding
Video must be public or unlisted
True streaming is not allowed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.59.56 PM

Google Consumer Barometer

Internet is simply core of our lives. Nowadays even consuming any other traditional media, people tend to use their mobile phones, tablets and laptops at the same time. The number of internet population growing and the age range using internet is dropping rapidly. To get deeper knowledge Google served a very simple research including the data about digital media consuming habits all around the world called “consumer barmoter“.

These infographics allow us to learn detailed numbers about digital world, from the percentage of mobile usage to social media usage, from online purchasing habits, to the time spent watching online videos. For example it’s not surprising that Turkey is at the top of the list for social media usage with a very high rate %92 :) (means %92 of internet population uses social media)

Especially multiscreen data is very remarkable as you can see below. This show us people are not consumig a single media at the same time, so catching people’s attention in terms of advertising is much more difficult than before. (Look at: second screen advertising)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.09.25 AM

As a digital marketer if you want to get an consumer insight, all of the graphics are very helpful for you . You can build your own graphic by the given tool and generate or change your e-marketing strategy in which country you work for.


Bugün, geçen yıl kitap fuarından aldığım Taylan Kara’nın “Böyle de Buyurabilirdi Zerdüşt”‘ün çok beğendiğim son bölümünden alıntılar paylaşacağım yazıda. Çünkü baktım, altını çizmekle olmayacak, her satır kıymetli =)

Diğer bölümler olduğu gibi bu bölüm de, yazara ait ilginç başlıklara sahip bölümcüklerden oluşuyor. Adı, Burjuvazinin Gizemsiz İticiliği olan bu bölüme ait entersan başlık ve detaylar aşağıda. Oldukça rahatsız edici, bir o kadar çarpıcı, yüzünüze tokat gibi çarpan tespitler mevcut, okuyup üstüne düşünün derim.

*Tabelaların İkna Yetenekleri
“Dikkat köpek var” tabelası, insanoğlu için en az köpeğin kendisi kadar ikna edicidir.

*Metropolde geçen monoton bir gün:
İnsanoğlu gereğinden fazla teşekkür edip aşırı miktarda özür dilemektedir. Bir gün, az önce teşekkür edip özür dileyenlerin bazıları, teşekkür edilip özür dilenenlerin bazılarını elektrikli testereyle keser.

*Atalet halkın temelidir.
İnsanı en çok terbiye eden şey, acı çekmek değil, başkasının acısına şahit olmasıdır. Düzene karşı en terbiyeli davrananlar, acıyı çekenler değil, acıyı başkalarında görenlerdir.

*21. yüzyıl ansiklopedisi: T harfi, televizyon maddesi
Tek kanallı televizyonlarda herkesin aynı programı izlemesi “dikatörlük”tür.
711 kanallı televizyonlarda herkesin aynı programı izlemesi “özgürlük”tür.

*NAZİ: Führerini arayan vatandaş
…..”Führer”leri gelinceye kadar onlar küçüklerini sevip, büyüklerini sayıyorlar, yaşlılara yer verip, çocukların kafalarını okşuyorlar. Bir emir bekliyolarlar, yalnızca bir emir… Bir emirle hepsi “führer”lerine koşup sıraya girecekler, çimenleri sulayan, yaşlı adama yer veren, kuşlara simit atan milyonlarca sıradan vatandaş, gamalı haçlarını takıp “voltran”ı oluşturacak.
….Bir “führer” emri, tek tek bireyliklerini iptal edip, onları tahrip etmeye hazır devasa bir gövdenin parçası yapmaya devam edecek. “Vatandaş”ın özü “führer”in katalizörlüğünde ortaya çıkar. Sıradan vatandaş “führer”siz NAZİ adayıdır.

*Karşılaştığın şey sana ne kadar yabancı gelirse gelsin, dünyadaki hiç ama hiç bir şey, kendi beynindeki düşüncelerin kadar sana yabancı değildir.

Yaşam Doluluk Kapasitesi
Debisi yüksek bir nehrin kıyısından bir bardak su alabilme çabası göstermektir “dolu yaşam” diye özlediğin. Fotoğraflar, kameralar, hatıra eşyaları ve beyninde bu iş için ayırdığın milyonlarca nöron, seni bir ağ gibi sarıp geçmişte tutmaya yarar. Bilmediğin bir geleceğin korkusu seni büyük bir güçle seni geçmişin güvenli ve sürprizsiz kucağına iter.

*Küçük burjuva, doğal güzellikleri sadece kartpostalda bir resim olarak sever. “Ne güzel” diye tepki verdiği resimdekine benzer bir yere gittiğinde ise, oradaki böcekleri, sivrisinekleri görür. Görür görmez “müthiş” diye nitelendirdiği karlarla örtülü manzara ile birebir karşılaştığında ise fazla duramaz, üşür.

Yaşamın coğrafi olanakları
Yşaam, şimdiki zaman kipinde ve birinci tekil şahısta mümkündür ancak, kendi ülkesinde, kendi şehrinde, kendi evinde, kendi organlarıyla, kendi TV koltuğundadır, burnunun ucundan ötesiyle ilgilenmeyecek kadar yereldir; eline iğne batmasıyla ilgilenir, evrenselliğinin sınırı çocuğunun ölümüdür, yan ülkedeki 1 milyon ceset ise ana haber bültenindeki altyazıdır, zaplayınca geçer.

*Küçük burjuvayı, binlerce insanı öldüren bombalardan çok, taksi şoförünün kabalığı etkiler. On kişinin tekme tokat dövdüğü çocuğun çığlığından rahatsız olur, çünkü o gürültüden hiç hoşlanmaz. Tankların ezdiği isyancıları değil, isyan edenlerin tanklara attığı taşları görür, çünkü o şiddetin her türlüsüne karşıdır. O “her türlü”nin içinde, tanka atılan taş ile çeyrek milyonu öldüren atom bombası eşit derecede yer kaplar.

*Her despotluğun, baskının, işkencenin, sokakataki adamı ürkütmeyen “demoktatik” bir adı vardır; işkence, işkence değil “sorgulama”dır, bildiğin tekme tokat meydan dayağı, “etkisiz hale getirme”dir.

*21. yüzyılda onur, ancak ölülerin sahip olabileceği bir ayrıcalıktır artık. Bu dünyada, dünyanın bu haliyle canlı kalmak, bu dünyayı şu haliyle kabullenip bir şeyine dokunmadan yaşamak, onuru yaşamından kovmaktır.

*Küçük burjuva, bunalımlarını tatil yörelerinde ve deniz kenarlarında bırakır; bir sonraki tatile kadar, dolduracağı yeni boşluklar yaratmak için tekrar evine döner.

*Yapılmışlar seni eğlendirir, yapamamanın acısını dindirir, yapılmış, yapamamanın mazeretidir, yapılmışla avunmak, yapılmayacakların habercisidir.