Google Consumer Barometer

Internet is simply core of our lives. Nowadays even consuming any other traditional media, people tend to use their mobile phones, tablets and laptops at the same time. The number of internet population growing and the age range using internet is dropping rapidly. To get deeper knowledge Google served a very simple research including the data about digital media consuming habits all around the world called “consumer barmoter“.

These infographics allow us to learn detailed numbers about digital world, from the percentage of mobile usage to social media usage, from online purchasing habits, to the time spent watching online videos. For example it’s not surprising that Turkey is at the top of the list for social media usage with a very high rate %92 :) (means %92 of internet population uses social media)

Especially multiscreen data is very remarkable as you can see below. This show us people are not consumig a single media at the same time, so catching people’s attention in terms of advertising is much more difficult than before. (Look at: second screen advertising)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.09.25 AM

As a digital marketer if you want to get an consumer insight, all of the graphics are very helpful for you . You can build your own graphic by the given tool and generate or change your e-marketing strategy in which country you work for.

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