Heart of digital planning: Comscore

One of the first thing that I learnt from the company I work for now about digital planning, is using Comscore. There were some important training sessions that we have to take on our first days. Although other issues are also considerable while making digital plans, in my opinion using Comscore is more essential than the others. Comscore measures 1.6 trillion interactions each month from 172 different countries. That’s almost equal to 40% of the monthly page views of the entire internet

The key benefit of using Comscore tool while making digital plans is, the ability to see the duplicate percentage of the websites or networks that your customer wants to add their plan. As the customer does not want to waste their budget, your duty is eliminate the sites or networks that have higher duplicate numbers than others.

The other things you can measure via Comscore is below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.54.57 PM

As I mention at the beginning, you can see not a single website data and also networks data in your report. For example if you want to see the total visits of Hurriyet group, Comscore categorize the details in a list like:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.07.38 PM

In this chart P means: Property, M means: Media Title, C means: Chanel , S means: Sub Chanel

There are of course some conditions to get involved as a website or network of Comscore. These are:

• Traffic must be rightfully owned or signed over via Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) to be included in a property hierarchy

• Branding must exist on every page of traffic below Media Title level

• Categorization is based on the content of the site. Sub-category depicts a real niche market

• Entity names must be descriptive to what the traffic illustrates

• All entities are subject to minimum reporting standards

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