Language and Human Mind

Nowadays I have been writing much more into my blog. It gives me a chance to think deeper and fluent and to spend time with myself. Except from this, writing in my “native” language brought some questions into my mind.

If you are a child from parents that speak only one language (commonly this is like that) you are supposed to speak and write in this language. No other chance. But for example if your mother is Turkish and your father is American, you started to hear both languages Turkish and English at home (if they choose this way) and naturally you start to think and speak in these two languages. Because learning period starts with listening. The question is, how can it be possible to think in another language that you learnt later, rather than your native language ?

The question made me to search on Google with the keywords “thinking in other languages” :) One of the results showed me that, it’s not that difficult, you should only practice your vocabulary and grammatical skills rather than translating your thoughts into that language from your language. Otherwise your speech or writings don’t make sense and also they would be very funny like Fatih Terim videos :) There are also very useful techniques to get fluency about the language you are learning (highly recommended). Finally this part is very fascinating of the post, “So by thinking in a foreign language you will not only be jump-starting your skills in that language, but you’ll also make smarter decisions.” its said according to a study of University of Chicago.

It’s actually not my answer, but another result showed me a very interestig finding about thinking another language. In the decision making period people tend to think much more emotionally in their own language. A trolley test applied to groups, and the difference between the groups that saw the questions in their own language and the other is surprisingly high. It depends on the level of language that you learn I think. Maybe the results would be change after getting more fluency.

It’s a challenge for me to write in English after a very long time since preparing TOEFL exam 5 years ago :) But now I can see that it’s not that difficult, just focusing on the subject and try to apply your basic skills.

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