Lıvıng In Turkey?

Actually the title should be “trying to live in Turkey”. That would be better. For my international friends, please do not read the post with prejudice, there are still good things to do and nice places to visit in Turkey. But my personal thoughts about living (not visiting) in Turkey are not very pleasant. If you have questions about details, do not hesitate to ask me :)

In my recent posts, I have mentioned some of the troubles especially about city life in İstanbul, traffic problem, some government issues, environment problems and so on, over and over again. They may be cause to see other good things but, because of being ungrateful creatures, feeling happy is extremely not possible for most of the people in Turkey.

From now, I would like to continue about my life which is going on in Istanbul. It takes about 1.5 hours to get office from my house (in optiumum conditions). If you have chance it’s possible utilize this time by reading, but usually it’s not that easy because of getting up too early, you prefer sleeping rather than reading :( It also takes 1-1.5 hours to get back home from office. So you just spend your 3 hours! on the road. This is a huge number.

What about weekends? If you are living a bit far from city center like me, you choose staying at home rather than meeting with friends or doing other staff, especially in winter months. Because the traffic is still making you very very tired. Then you choose to shop from close markets, too visit same close places and hope to getting home early at the weekends.

Those below were just about pyhsical conditions about the city. There are also big issues about law, income injustice, blue-collar workers problems (salary and other rights and also dying on workplace etc.) Everbody loves their family and friends. But these should not be reasons to stay with them in a the same country till the end of time.

So, there is no other option rather than wishing good luck and some courage for those :)

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