Location Based e-Marketing

To be honest it’s really annoying but, after smartphones spread out it could not be thought that to use them as a real time marketing tool. People tend to notify where they are now, via Foursquare (at the beginning) Swarm and Yelp. So there had been a new advertising area to use. To clear out what is location based marketing lets listen to Foursquare: “Location marketing offers consumers ad messages on their mobile phones based on their location at any given time.”

Foursquare scientists think that location marketing targets not only place, but also context. They say, “For example, we would come at it by targeting business travelers landing at an airport. That’s a perfect time for a car rental company to push them an ad about a rental. It’s not so much advertising as it is providing useful information”

There are 9 tips for marketers to pay attention when it decided to use location based marketing techniques:

1- Your listing is extremely important when it comes to local search.
2- Being responsive — both on social media and to reviews — is still very important.
3- Good incentives are a must.
4- You should ask your regular customers and customers that express appreciation for your business to do reviews.
5- Location-based marketing works in two directions. (push & pull)
6- Location-based marketing is a great way to add value to people
7- Responsive website design is critically important.
8- The key to location-based marketing is to focus on convenience for the user.
9- You need to ask, “Is it useful?

It also possible to use some new technological devices as a location based marketing tool such as ibeacons
Apple’s launch of iBeacon technology prompted marketers to pack brick-and-mortar stores with location-sensitive devices that send out push notifications to shoppers who have downloaded a brand’s mobile app.

There are also some competitors for i-Beacon such as, electric beacon, pseudolite, nearables. (source: wikipeida)


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