Mobile Retargeting

To be succesful in digital world, (especially if you sell your products online), you inevitably should use retargeting methods on your digital marketing plan. According to a research 17% of customers’ online sales are coming from the mobile channel. In fact the mechanism is almost the same with desktop retageting methods. But there are some important differences between desktop retargeting and mobile retargeting (especially tagging,
identification, inventory and creative)

At the beginning, mobile retargeting was not working healthy because of cookie problems. But now it’s working more effectively. There are some good reviews about this here.
One important thing to pay attention is, consumers tend to shop online on mobile devices on their leisure time. So marketers should prepare their plans to activate in these time. Otherwise conversion rates could decrease.

According to the same research that I mentioned before, mobile re-targeting drove an additional 18% of re-targeting-generated sales, a 46% higher click through rate and a 37% lower eCPC.


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