Most Effective Affiliate Service Companies

In this post I want to summarize the companies that serve affiliate&performance marketing solutions that are a member of IAB Europe. (Interactive Advertising Bureau)
IAB empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. So the list you can see below, can guide digital marketing professionals credibly in terms of affiliate marketing. One of the oldest performance marketing company that locates in Germany. It serves for advertisers, agencies and publishers. It has more than 2.500 advertisers and more than 500.000 publishers not only in Germany but globally. They call “The art of performance marketing” themselves.

Criteo: Criteo provides the world leading pay per click (PPC) personalized retargeting solution. It especially serves for e-commerce websites. And they also create personalized banners to get more ROI from specific campaigns. The advantages of Criteo are;
They only measure post click sales
The Criteo Engine analyzes 230Tb of data every day.
High-quality inventory from 7000+ publishers.
994m users reached each month – 2nd in the global ranking.
6000+ advertisers across 50+ countries.

Performics: It’s a performance marketing company. It serves, performance content, performance media, planing and insights, analytics and technology, performance social, performance local, and performance mobility. There are also sub-services in each service.

Quisma: It’s also a company located in Germany and it’s a part of Groupm media investment company ( We already use it in our media plans in MEC :) ) It serves for clients located in Europe. The services they provide are in a very wide range:

Search Engine Advertising
Search Engine Optimisation
Performance Display Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Conversion Optimisation
Market Intelligence

Innovative technologies and scientific methods in data management are two things that made them to stand out, they told for themself.

Sanoma Digital: It also serves content marketing strategies besides performance marketing located in Belgium.

Zanox: It serves affiliate marketing and mobile marketing. They serve for three sides ( advertisers, agencies and publishers)

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