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Since last year, “programmatic” is the word that anyone who is in digital marketing world heard it almost everyday of their working life. It’s simply, a way to bring together the advertisers and publishers ( also lots of third parties) in a platform to get the most advantage based on a program not with human labour. There are lots of articles on web. But this one clarifies it basically and give difference between programmatic and RTB. If you do not want to read long articles, there is a list that includes 10 infographics about programmatic on this page.

Today I want to talk about only one part of Programmatic, it’s video programmatic. However it has still less slice form all programmatic world, but growing very fast, at roughly 2X the rate of programmatic overall.

There are a few companies which only serves video programmatic solutions like Videology, BrightRoll and Videoreach ( maybe more :) let me tell if you find) Because of it’s being a partner of my company and carry out succesful campaigns with it, I want to give more information about Videology in this post. Actually Videology is the the name of the global company but in Turkey the company named Tooplay collaborated with it and now they serves to their clients and agencies with Videology technologies. I prefer to use Videology in this post :)

Videology allows to advertisers (I maean media agencies) to manage their online video campaigns only in a single platform, without doing staff like getting communication with publishers, preaparing different VAST codes for each etc. By doing this you can determine a FCAP for whole campaign. So this prevents you to get duplicated views. You already now how many people will you reach at the beginning.

Data collabrators like Lotame helps Videology, to target their audience in different categories (Auto, Shopping, Shopping etc. ) and also different demographic characteristics. As well as Videology serves a wide range reports about your campaign (based on time ranges, demographic, geographic, website, target group etc), they also have some special trends.

– White Ops: White Ops which is a Videology extension, helps you to seperate the bot traffic on your campaign. So you can be sure about that you reach real people.

– Viewability: The player, on which your video ad is on air, may be above the page or on another tab. Videology can measure the viewability according to IAB standarts and optimize them.

– TVA Mix Tool: Videology gets data online data from Comscore, and gets TV data from specific sources. Then the system measures incremental reach as comparing the online reach to TV reach by an accepted methodology. A slider on the platform shows you how change the total reach, by adding budgets to online video.

-Untargeted BT Report: Even you did not choose any category (behavioral targeting) at the beggining of your campaign, system can report you in which segments you reach and which one performed better at the end of the campaign. So you have chance to decide, which segments you should target on your future campaigns.

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