Youtube Ad Models

Within the information about online video consuming habits, it’s necessary to use online video ads to reach your target audience.

As everybody knows Youtube is world’s top video website in terms of pageview number. So advertisers should use at least one ad model to reach potential customers on Youtube. You can see the list below but I especially want to differentiate instream video ads and trueview instream ads.

– Custom Masthead
– Universal Video Masthead
– Mobile Video Masthead:
– Layouts Masthead
– Standard Banner Ads
– InStream video ads: Can run YouTube watch pages and channel pages. Minimum video length should be 12 seconds and maximum should be up to 60 seconds. You can choose whatever type you want ( skippable or non-skippable) For non-skippable video ads, it should max. 30 seconds long. The ad can appear when a user initiates video play either in the beginning (pre-roll), at points in between (mid-roll), or after (post-roll).
– InVideo Ads
– Custom Gadgets
– TrueView InStream ads: Can run onYouTube watch pages or within Google Display Network videos, games and apps. (not on channel pages) TrueView ads allow the user to go directly to your content after 5 seconds. Maximum video length is Less than 3 minutes (recommended)
– Live Streaming in ads

There are also the some common features for both instram and trueview videos ads. For example VPAID is not allowed on both models. The other requirements that are listed below are valid for both models:

Video must be uploaded to YouTube (send video URL)
Video must allow embedding
Video must be public or unlisted
True streaming is not allowed.

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